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8 Mistakes when cleaning carpet

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 3:14 am, by admin

cleaning carpet

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There is no denying the fact that beautiful carpets are expensive. We spend a lot of time and energy in choosing a nice decorative carpet for our home. Of course, when we spend our hard earned money and time on our carpet endeavors, we would definitely want the chosen carpet to be long lasting. And like everything else, proper cleaning carpet is needed to keep the carpets intact and in their original condition. However, having proper knowledge about cleaning carpet is crucial. It is also equally important to know the common mistakes made during carpet shampoo so that you can learn from others’ mistakes and avoid them. Let us try to break down some myths.

Self cleaning is sufficient:
If you think that cleaning carpet regularly at home is sufficient for you to skip out on needing professional help, you are absolutely wrong! The best carpet cleaner knows carpets and carpet care inside out, and are well equipped with the appropriate
carpet cleaning services to thoroughly disinfect the carpets. Only carpet cleaning companies can guarantee 100% germ free carpets.

Not reading the instruction label:
If you think that all carpets are the same and can be cleaned in the same way, well you’re in for a huge surprise. In actuality, all carpets are different, depending on the material of the carpet, and certainly require varying methods of care for carpet cleaning maintenance of these carpets in the long run. The material with which your carpet is made can be different from what your neighbour’s carpet is made of. If one method works for your one carpet, this way of cleaning may not necessarily be effective for another carpet also. Read the instructions on the label of each carpet carefully! The label on the carpet mentions clearly what to do and what not to do. Some carpets can be cleaned with hot water or steam, whereas some carpets may be prone to damage when in contact with water and must remain moisture-free. There are also instructions to avoid certain chemicals. As such, never assume anything. Always read the maintenance label that comes with your carpet and remain informed.

All carpet cleaning services are same:
When you want your carpet to be treated, do you hunt for the cheapest service provider and think that you got the best deal? You might not be lucky every time. Carpet shampooing is certainly not child’s play. In fact, cleaning carpet requires proper knowledge about the fabric, fiber, material and the kind of chemicals that are appropriate for them. There can be scores of carpet cleaning company in the market. You need to choose wisely so that your carpet remains unblemished for years.

Cleaning carpet

Rubbing the carpet:
If you find specks of dirt or other unwanted materials in your carpets, never attempt to rub the grime off! Rough rubbing can cause the fur of the carpet to come off and there will be bald patches all over your precious carpet. Some carpets are very delicate and intricately made. The threads used in these carpets are woven together. Rubbing them can break the threads that hold the carpet together. If you need to remove something from the carpet, be careful to brush it away very gently.

Not cleaning enough:
Some people maintain very strict rules at home; perhaps no shoes are allowed on the carpet, no pets in the room, etc. They might be tempted to think that since there is no visible grit, the carpet does not need to be cleaned. This is a big mistake. Even if the dust is not seen by the naked eyes, there will be minute particles which stick to the carpet fur. For an average household with a firm “no shoes on the carpet” policy, carpet cleaning at least once a week is a must. Anything less frequent than this would be a clear invitation for degeneration of your beloved carpet.

Cleaning only from outside and not underside:
Only the top surface of the carpet is visible. However, this would mean that you don’t know what is hidden on the underside, unless you make an effort to lift the carpet and clean the area under it. The outer surface contains dust and other foreign particles which makes the carpet unappealing to the eyes. While these do not pose serious threat to your health, cleaning the underside is necessary from a hygienic point of view. Only regular carpet cleaning can prevent moth and pests from breeding on your carpet.

Not doing patch test:
We all know that our skin is very sensitive. The level of sensitivity varies from one person to another. How we react to a chemical is also different from another person. The same is true for fabric as well! The instruction label can not mention extensively every product in the market. So, it is imperative that if you try a new carpet cleaner solution yourself, do a patch test. Apply a very small amount of the cleaning product on the corner side of the carpet and wait for some time. If there is no adverse effect on the applied area, you can then be sure to use it on the whole carpet.

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Not cleaning immediately:
If something spills on the carpet, clean it off immediately! Use a clean cloth to wipe it off gently. If you act instantly this will ensure that there is less chance of the spilled item or liquid such as wine or ketchup seeping through the inner layers. Always remember to use a clean cloth. Otherwise, it can do more damage than good. It will clean the spilled ketchup but might leave the ink marks all over which will be even more difficult to remove, and may even stain your beloved carpet for good.