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All about office carpet cleaning

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 2:36 am, by admin

office carpet cleaning

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Ever heard of the saying: “First impression is the last impression”? Well, this is especially true for professional settings such as office or work places; hence it is imperative for us to pay attention to how tidy our workplace is as the cleanliness of one’s work area also reflects our personality, attitude and outlook towards cleanliness and hygiene. Most importantly, the cleanliness of an office reflects the professionalism of a company, making office carpet cleaning more important.

Office carpet cleaning is one of the most important aspects of the cleaning regime in an office. There are no hard and fast rules which govern this process but again there are specific data points based on which you can decide how frequently you should opt for cleaning carpet for your office.

There are certain factors like development and breeding of pests, moisture, dust, carpet fabric and other reasons which create a need for regular cleaning of office carpets.

First and foremost, the main objective should be to avoid the breeding of pests or other insects in our office carpets, hence we have to be very particular about this aspect as this also leads to unhygienic conditions which may eventually cause more severe issues than we can imagine. Regarding pest control, regularly monitor if you see signs of any white powder like material at the corners of the carpet or at areas hidden under furniture. Also, it is important to conduct regular check on whether you can see edible items being spread around, because this may invite rodents to enter your office carpet.

These pest and insects, if present, would also leave traces of excreta and other similarly looking objects which could again help us to identify if they have started their dirty work or not. More often than not, we are the primary culprits as we often drop edible crumbs onto the office carpets, which then attract such pests to enter, and eventually breed.

Another important aspect would be moisture levels in our office carpets. Almost all the carpets that we use have cotton, woolen or other similar base on which they are built upon. Hence when they come in contact with water or moisture, such materials will absorb the moisture and retain it for a longer period of time. This is the time when they invite or produce these deadly pests. In the initial days, the presence of such pests may go unnoticed, but gradually the pests will begin to produce a foul smell – an obvious indicator that damage is already done.

There are also other visibly loud indicators which help you trace and decide whether office carpet cleaning is required or not. Dust and mud, if present, would be visible to our naked eyes and then it is easy to decide if we need immediate cleaning or simply a stop-gap measure which can be done temporarily.

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More often than not, the carpet fabric is one such factor which plays a pivotal role in deciding its carpet cleaning routine. There are specific carpet fabric materials which have the tendency to attract dust, moisture and other similar things from the surroundings, leading to a bulky and messy look. As such, it becomes imperative to have them cleaned on regular intervals to avoid further damage to them.

In the same category, we have some expensive carpets which tend to get dirty merely by regular and frequent usage hence it makes sense to be aware of these things prior buying them and have a complete control of the situation.

Most of the carpets that we see have fur-like designs to give comfort, look, warmth and depth and dimension to the surrounding interior decor. They are definitely elegant and add to interior beauty eventually, but they are also a popular breeding ground for many deadly insects and pests which cannot be spotted through naked eyes.

Mostly in our offices, we have large carpet areas which cannot be office carpet cleaning as frequently as desired due to size and weight, hence there are specific chemicals available in the market which helps to prevent pests from breeding and also to neutralize any foul smell coming out of these carpets.

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The frequency of office carpet cleaning would also depend on the office area where the carpet is put. The carpet in restaurant would certainly need more cleaning, perhaps after each meal. Contrarily, the carpet in the meeting room or work areas need not be cleaned as frequently. In private cubicles, the frequency can be reduced further due to low human traffic.

Now, let’s consider the design of your office carpets. If you have opted for carpets with white, faded grey or any other light colors, then it is definitely going to get dirty faster and any stains or grime would be quite visible too. Hence it is necessary to make right decision and opt for darker and thicker shades when purchasing carpets for offices.