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Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 8:21 am, by admin

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Have you been deliberating over whether you ought to take the jump, and finally introduce that luxurious fur carpet that you’ve been lusting over into your home? Perhaps you may know little about how to maintain such carpets, or maybe you have your doubts about whether you can actually afford the time to clean them on a regular basis.

You aren’t the first to concern yourself with these considerations, and neither will you be the last! After all, carpets are still commonly perceived to be extremely troublesome on upkeep, and carpet cleaning is often thought to be the nightmare of most home owners.

While these concerns may be backed by strong reasons, carpet cleaning really isn’t as difficult a chore as most would seem to think. With the right care and effort given into maintaining and cleaning of your carpets, carpet cleaning can instead turn out to be a surprisingly easy task. This article shall show you how you can maintain your carpets and keep them in amazing condition for years on end, in a few simple ways!

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Vacuum regularly
Vacuuming is undeniably one of the surest ways to maintain your carpets on a daily basis – and in a fuss free and easy manner too! After all, a quick session of vacuuming only takes up a measly hour or so of your time, and is certainly an easy enough feat that most are able to accomplish, regardless of age, gender or education level. In fact, if you’re not feeling quite up to the task of vacuuming your carpets for the day, you can easily convince your children to take over this chore temporarily, as vacuuming is simply so easy to understand and carry out that even children or teens who are still unskilled in the area of household chores will be able to perform this duty with effortless ease.

By vacuuming your carpets on a regular basis of once every one to two weeks, this will prove an effective way of clearing up any dust that has collected on the surface of your precious carpets, and prevent this unsightly build-up of dirt from staining your carpets permanently, ruining their luxurious appearance. This will also help to deter the wearing out of your carpet, as dusty carpets tend to deteriorate at a much quicker rate as compared to cleaner ones. Surely you would not want to see your expensive luxe carpets in disrepair after a mere year or two due to an unfortunate neglect of carpet cleaning in your household!

Furthermore, regular vacuuming helps to remove some dust or germs, and prevent diseases from running rampant in your home. This is of particular importance in households with several young children or pets, as babies and small animals are especially susceptible to falling sick when in contact with bacteria or other germs.

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Quick rinses
While vacuuming of your carpets might suffice in the short run as a temporary stop gap measure for carpet cleaning, it is simply not good enough as a long term solution to keeping your carpets safe and clean! This is because vacuuming has a limited ability to sufficiently remove germs and other micro bacterial organisms that may have been lurking in your carpets. To adequately remove such harmful germs and bacteria, rinses often involving the use of anti-bacterial soap are needed to ensure that germs and other organisms that may be detrimental to human health will not be able to proliferate wildly in your carpets. As such, it is of due necessity that you frequently carry out quick rinses on your carpet to maintain them in good condition, and sterile enough such that your dear children and pets can roll around on the soft carpeted surface without having to spark off frequent worries of them falling ill.

To accomplish this task of carpet cleaning quick rinses, simply lay your carpets in a tub of cold water to dampen them. Next, you simply have to fill a small bowl with water of cool or room temperature, then add a few presses of anti-bacterial detergent. Mix up the solution well to ensure that the detergent is sufficiently diluted, and can be easily soaked into a sponge. Wet a sponge with the anti-bacterial solution, and then gently press the soapy sponge onto the textured surface of your carpet. Finally, you only have to wash off the detergent, and hang your carpets out to dry, and you can once again enjoy the comforts of a clean and safe carpet!

Cleaning carpet

Carpet cleaning services
However, while vacuuming and quick rinsing of your carpets may be good ways of maintaining your carpets and keeping them clean, it is also just as important to send your carpets for some professional treatment courtesy of carpet cleaning services!

Vacuuming and quick rinses are unlikely to be able to remove the dirt, dust or germs that have been stuck to the carpet surface for a long time, and to remove such permanent stains or germs, professional carpet cleaning services are definitely needed to ensure that your carpet is kept in a presentable condition, and in a clean state. Given that such professional carpet cleaning services can be rather pricey, particularly for carpets made of expensive and rare materials such as silk, it is sufficient to send your carpets for such carpet cleaning only once every year or so – certainly not too taxing on the wallet!

Many home owners often neglect sending their carpets for carpet cleaning services, and this is the main reason why such carpets can be the main sources of disease and illnesses in a household, as vacuuming and rinsing is unable to rid your carpets entirely of harmful germs and dust. Take the right move to keep your home safe for your children and pets, and send your carpets to carpet cleaning services today!