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Carpet Cleaning for Different Types of Carpets

Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 8:56 am, by admin

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Well, now that the renovation works for your new home has been completed, it’s time to search for the right furniture and home decor to jazz up the interior of your home, and give your house your very own brand of personal touch!

However, while your search for new home furniture might be all very exciting and refreshing, perhaps you are feeling entirely stumped as to whether or not you ought to invest in a good carpet to bring in an additional spark of life to your home. Or maybe, you’ve finally decided on the colour of the carpet that you ought to purchase in order to match your freshly painted walls, but you can’t quite place a finger on the type of carpet material you should invest in? Or maybe, you might be fretting about the potential trouble that your new carpet might bring you – after all, you may have gotten wind of plenty of hearsay that carpets are terrible to clean and maintain.

No fear! This article shall introduce you to the different types of carpets that you may possibly encounter in your search for a brand new rug, and how you can care for them. After all, carpet cleaning is an important part of owning a good carpet, and if you want your carpet to last a long time, surely it is of prime importance that you acquaint yourself with the ‘how’s of cleaning those carpets before you actually sink your money into the buy!

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1. Wool Carpets
Wool carpets are a popular choice for home owners, and with their remarkable durability and aesthetic appeal, it is certainly little wonder why! Carpet cleaning is rather easy as well when it comes to the case of wool carpets. To get rid of dust, you merely need to shake out the dust in them every month or so, to prevent build-up of unsanitary dirt.

To give your wool carpet a thorough carpet cleaning, you simply have to douse it with some water, or anti-bacterial soap solution, and then use a dry cloth to slowly pat the rug dry, and soak up excess moisture which could otherwise damage your carpet. A little tedious perhaps, but certainly a task easy enough for anyone to pick up!

2. Nylon Carpets
One of the more popular carpeting choices as well, nylon carpets are known for their versatility and their ability to go well with various home décor selections. They are also rather easy to clean, and are ideal for the novice home owner with little experience of dealing with carpets on his belt!

Simply use a steam cleaner on your nylon carpets to flush out the dust and grime, ensuring that your nylon carpets are given a good carpet cleaning that restores them to brand new condition. Don’t have a steam cleaner? Well, then you’ll have to settle for simply rinsing it, but this might cause long run damage to your carpets in the long run, and are not ideal for carpets that you intend to keep around for decades. If style and convenience are right up your alley, then simple rinsing can be a rather effective method to keep the germs and dirt from collecting on your nylon carpets!

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3. Bamboo Carpets
Going for a minimalist, edgy vibe in your home? Well, bamboo carpets are certainly an increasingly popular pick for home owners looking for a carpet that will help their home stand out from the crowd! Are you one of them?

Bamboo carpets are also rather easy to clean in the short run. Simply vacuum them regularly to get rid of stray dust, and keep your home clean and safe. If you happen to have spilled some liquid on them, using a wet cloth soaked with a little soap can do wonders in helping to remove grease spots or stains. However, the downsides of such bamboo carpets are that they are especially susceptible to water damage, and cleaning them with a damp rag can prove challenging to manage for the typical novice. Just make sure to be careful not to use too much water or soap, so as to keep your bamboo carpets safe from water damage during carpet cleaning sessions.

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4. Silk Carpets
Silk carpets can be an amazing sight to look at, given their soft, luxurious exterior. They are sure to offer any home an instant oomph of sophistication and glamour, and often go well with various wall décor or furniture works! While they may be gorgeous to look at, silk carpets are one of the most challenging carpet materials to wash and clean, given their particularly delicate fabric. On usual days, vacuuming will serve to prevent your silk carpets from collecting too much dust. Take careful note not to use brooms with rough bristles on your silk carpets, as this could cause unsightly pilings on the fabric of your silk carpet.

To give your silk carpet a thorough wash, it is best to turn to professional carpet cleaning services for help. After all, silk carpets can be remarkably pricey, and the fragile nature of the fabric fibre can cause such carpets to be easily damaged if exposed to harmful reagents or chemicals. It would undeniably be a veritable waste to let your silk carpets go to ruin as a result of improper care! Silk carpets are effortlessly refined and elegant – don’t let yours go to waste; hire a carpet cleaning service provider today!