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Carpet cleaning solution tips

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 3:24 am, by admin

carpet cleaning solution

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There is a huge difference in the self-cleaning and professional carpet cleaning solution. The difference is not due to the effort involved, but because of the advanced techniques which are at the disposal of experts. The advanced methods and equipment involved in carpet cleaning solution processes make them unique and efficient. Let me shed some light on various techniques used by experts when they do the office carpet cleaning.

Steam Cleaning:
This is no rocket science. The underlying principle is actually quite simple and straight forward. Steam carpet cleaner is applied to the carpets via steam cleaners. The hot steam loosens the grip of dirt and grime on the surface of the carpet. Once the vapor is cooled and the dirt comes up, the whole area is cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. Since the dirt is already loose, the vacuum cleaner is able to suck up the dirt completely. The best part of steam cleaning is that no cleaning solution is used. This ensures that there is no adverse impact on your carpet and no leftover chemical products which need to be cleaned up again. Though this is one of the most common ways of deep carpet shampoo, some people do not approve of this method. Critics often believe that the use of steam water can lead to shrinkage of the carpet. Making them wet also makes them susceptible to more dust, and this also takes a lot of time to dry. To do away with the above argument, some carpet cleaner also provide quick drying service at an additional cost.

Low Moisture Extraction System:
There is no better medium than water to clean up carpet fabric. But, usage of water in carpet cleaning has its downsides too. The moisture typically takes a long time to dry. During the period when carpet is damp, it attracts more dirt. If the water is not dried completely, it may even lead to the eventual growth of mildew on the carpets. Low moisture cleaning systems have all the benefits of water based cleaning, minus the negative aspects. This method is very similar to the carpet steam cleaning in its functioning. However, in this method, the moisture in the steam is very low. The high temperature and pressure of steam makes sure that grit is fully extracted from the carpet. The amount of water in this system is only around 5%.The low moisture helps in drying the carpet faster.

Dry Cleaning:
Another method of carpet cleaning solution is dry cleaning. Dry cleaning does not use water for shampoo carpet. A bio degradable cleaning solution is used in place of water. The solution is an absorbent and attracts the dirt. The chemical solution is spread evenly over your carpet, and the entire carpet is then scrubbed using a machine with very soft bristled brush. The scrubbing is done from the edges to the centre of the carpet. Once the scrubbing is complete, the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed to ensure that all the dirt and grime is removed. Like all other ways of carpet cleaning solution, this method also has its pros and cons. If the vacuuming is not done correctly, the carpet cleaning solution might remain on the carpet and damage the surface after some time. However, the positive side of this method is that the drying process is pretty quick. In just one hour, the carpet can be dry enough for you to walk on it. Truly an efficient process indeed!

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Truck Mount Steam Cleaner:
This method makes use of the same technique as carpet steam cleaning. The only difference lies in the equipment used. The unit is mounted on a van or truck. It is quite easy and fast to set up. This method does better cleaning than traditional portable units. Truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment is capable of providing higher pressure and temperature. Higher pressure would mean a more efficient grit removal process and lesser time consumed. Even though this is beneficial for both client and service provider, it is not very common due to the high cost of such truck mounted steam cleaning units.

Dry Foam Cleaning:
Carpet shampoo service is a traditional way carpet cleaning solution. This method is often used for self-cleaning as well. However, the extensive usage of water in this method does not make it a very good choice. Best carpet cleaner use the advanced version of carpet shampooing called dry foam cleaning. The foam used in this method does not contain any water. The underlying method, however, is the same as shampooing. Dry foam is spread over the whole carpet area and gently scrubbed. Most dry foam cleaning equipment is already equipped with sucking abilities. As soon as the scrubbing is complete, the residual foam and dirt is removed from the carpet.

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Bonnet Cleaning:
Bonnet cleaning, commonly known as spin cleaning as well, is yet another method of carpet cleaning. The machine has a rotating head fitted with an absorbing pad. The carpet is sprayed with the carpet cleaner solution, and the cleaning chemical is allowed to stay on the surface of the carpet for some time. This gives time to the soil to be attracted to the cleaning solution. The rotating bonnet is then moved over the whole carpet. The pads on the head absorb the solution and dirt. The rotating action acts like a scrubber and helps extract more dirt, to ensure that the carpet is fully clean. Once this is complete, it is very important to vacuum the carpet surface to remove the leftover solution.