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Carpets at home with pets

Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 8:56 am, by admin

Maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of your carpet in a home with pets can be quite the chore – you will certainly have to clean your carpet more often than your counterparts who do not own pets. Depending on the size, species, breed and behavior of your pet, there will be different measures that you have to take so as to ensure that your carpet does not look too worn or stained.

Firstly, if you haven’t already bought your carpets and are taking the ownership of your pets and the mess that they may cause into consideration, there are a few suggestions to reduce your burden and enable you to be obliged or compelled to clean your carpets less frequently. If your pets tend to shed, choose carpets that are of similar colour to your pets’ fur, such that the shed hair on your carpet will not be too obvious. Generally, carpets of darker shades manage to conceal pet hair better than carpets of lighter colours. Additionally, stains and spots do not show up as prominently and obviously on carpets of darker shades. If possible, do try and obtain a carpet that has patterns in a dark colour on it – this will be able to hide the blemishes that your pets bring into your households and onto your carpets well. There are stain-proof carpets that are viable options for you: you may opt for a Polypropylene one that has had its colour permanently stained onto it during the manufacturing stage. This also ensures that its colour is less likely to fade and become less vibrant or aesthetically appealing over a period of multiple washes.

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Of course, whatever carpet you do end up purchasing and installing, you will have to vacuum it rather frequently. I recommend vacuuming your carpets once a week, to ensure that it is not noticeably covered with pet fur. While vacuuming your carpets in a household with pets, it is particularly important to note the appropriate and proper method to do so – going over your carpets in a certain direction once with your vacuum, then switching up the directions and going over your carpets again. This is a method that’s not widely practiced, but it is especially helpful in ensuring that you manage to remove all or at least most of the fur on your carpet during a single vacuuming session. Pet hairs are likely to get caught on the twisted fibers on carpets, and this increases the difficulty of getting rid of them, since they have been braided together with the fibers. However, they can be unraveled and disposed of, should you try different angles and directions of vacuuming.

In terms of stains, prevention is ultimately better than cure. If you want to avoid having to go through the trouble of stain removal, the most important thing to do is to ensure that your pet is toilet-trained. This may sound an obvious and unnecessary instruction, but it is the first and fundamental step to clean carpets in a household with pets. If your pet has problems with incontinence, there are options such as pet diapers to help you better manage the issue.

I further suggest you ensure that your pets do not step on the carpet with dirty feet or eat on or near the carpets. After you walk your dog, be sure to clean its feet thoroughly before allowing it free rein of your household. Pet wipes can easily be bought at any given pet store, and a cloth and some water serve the same function, should you run out of them. Regularly bathe and groom your pets, so that they do not dirty the carpets. This produces the side benefit of causing them to shed less and causing the shed fur to be less noticeable, since the hairs will be short. Since pets tend to be messy eaters, unless you only feed your pets kibble and dry treats, do not feed them on your carpets. While you may present the food to your pet in a food bowl, it is more than likely that your pet, in trying to reach the food, will push some of it out of the bowl, causing it to stain the floor. Canned pet food stains especially easily, due to the colour and consistency of it.

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If, unfortunately, you do find your carpet stained by your pets, carpet cleaning is not a task of great difficulty! You may choose to hire or purchase a carpet cleaner or engage professional carpet cleaning services. Considering the likelihood of stains occurring, I would encourage you to purchase a carpet cleaner and carpet cleaning solution and learn to clean your carpets yourself. There are different types of carpet washers available – the generic ones to wash your entire carpet with, and the ones specially and specifically designed to tackle small stains. The size and usual behavior of your dog should be pretty good indicators of which kind you should buy. In washing your carpet, follow the instructions on the carpet cleaner, take your pet out for a nice day at the park, and wait for the carpet to dry.
Ultimately, remember: it is definitely possible to maintain a clean and beautiful carpet in a home with pets, if you are a responsible pet owner and take precautionary measures.