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Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 8:12 am, by admin

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Have your colleagues been falling prey to the flu bug, one after another? While this could be a simple phase of the common cold that prompts little need for worry, this could also simultaneously hint at a deeper problem of an unclean office!

One of the most likely places where germs and dust have been collecting is likely to be the carpets in your office! After all, everyone in the office tends to tread on such office carpets on a daily basis, and given the heavy traffic that your office carpets encounter, it is likely that they will accumulate a great deal of dirt, grime and even germs or other micro bacterial organisms that can cause great harm to the human physique.

Not to mention, it is not an uncommon sight to see colleagues or co-workers having their breakfast, packaged lunch or afternoon snacks in the office, and any stray remnant of food that has landed on the carpets could potentially invite pests such as ants, cockroaches, and even rats!

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As such, it is of prime importance that you should ask clean carpet company to give your office carpets a good carpet cleaning at least once every week or so, in order to create a safe and healthy environment for your co-workers and yourself, ensuring that your company can achieve its maximum productivity without having to worry about ill or diseased colleagues!

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1. Vacuum your office carpets regularly
Vacuuming is a rather easy feat that can be accomplished on a daily basis in the office. Surely your office would have hired cleaners to wipe the tables and empty the bins. Well, why not pay these cleaners a little more for an additional carpet cleaning services of frequent vacuuming of your office carpets? After all, carpet cleaning is certainly just as important as other necessary tasks like emptying the bins!

Clean carpet company will ask their best carpet cleaner vacuuming is an effective method from of carpet cleaning in the short run, as it helps to clear off the top layer of dust from your office carpets, to prevent the unfortunate accumulation of dust and germs that could potentially wreck some havoc on the health of your colleagues.

Plus, vacuuming would suffice in ridding your office carpets from any bits and pieces of bread crumbs or biscuit pieces that may have fallen onto the carpets when your careless colleagues have their daily snack. This will help to deter pests such as ants or cockroaches from invading your office, and ensure that your workplace is sufficiently clean and well-maintained for some improved efficiency!

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2. Steam cleaning
Steam cleaning is a method that is also frequently used by several carpet cleaning companies to clean their office carpets due to its high efficiency! Though this method of cleaning carpet is often referred to as steam cleaning, the process actually involves the use hot water instead of steam to clean your office carpets. During the steam cleaning process, hot water of temperatures as high as 200 degrees can be squirted onto your office carpets, to force out any dirt or accumulated dust that has been entrenched into the depths of the carpets.

Subsequently, the dust that has been separated from your office carpets can then be easily removed via the use of vacuuming, to ensure that your co-workers and you will be able to enjoy a thoroughly clean carpeted office floor!

In addition, the use of water at very high temperatures in steam cleaning is also very effective in eliminating viruses, germs or bacteria, to ensure that the flu bug that has remained dormant in your office for years on end will be successfully and promptly killed, before they can infect more colleagues in the long run.

Steam cleaning is a method of carpet cleaning solution which often involves the hire of professional carpet cleaning services, primarily owing to the level of skill needed to operate steam cleaners effectively to bring about the best possible results for your office carpets. For a small price, you get to enjoy a peace of mind in knowing that your office carpets have been adequately sterilized, and will not be able to spread any viruses to your valued colleagues! Certainly a worthwhile decision, we would say!

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3. Carpet shampooing
If your firm has been running up some debts of late, and you feel that calling in professional clean carpet company for a session of steam cleaning on your office carpets may be a little out of your reach for the time being, perhaps you ought to try out carpet shampoo instead. This is by far the most popular way of office carpet cleaning, as it is very economical. By just leaving the carpet shampoo service on the office carpet, it will cause a reaction between the shampoo and the carpet, releasing foam that helps to clear up the dust and dirt in your carpet. Leave the foam to dry overnight, and you can simply use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dried foam, together with all the dirt that it has managed to extract from your carpets the next morning.

Yes, this method might prove a little messy, but given how cheap and fuss-free it is to carry out carpet shampooing to clean your office carpets, surely carpet cleaning doesn’t come much easier than this! Now call clean carpet company today and get the best carpet cleaner in singapore for your office carpet cleaning services.