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How to look for best carpet cleaner?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 3:18 am, by admin

best carpet cleaner

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We cannot emphasize enough the need for best carpet cleaner. Good carpets are so expensive that they are often treated as investment as opposed to expenditure. Well, this is only a way to justify the expenditure. As such, we also need the best care for our carpet. Unfortunately, given the number of best carpet cleaner in the market, it is not an easy task to find a genuine carpet cleaning company. We need to be extra careful to avoid fraudulent and incompetent carpet cleaner. A comprehensive checklist can help you in reducing the chances of being cheated.

The safety of your carpet should be your first concern. So, the first question you need to ask the best carpet cleaner he is going to give you a written guarantee for the loss or damage of your carpet. Also, get into an agreement on the cost he needs to pay in case your carpet is lost or damaged by him. These days, many clean carpet company get the items insured and the insurance agency pays for the loss if damage is done to the carpet. If you can find such best carpet cleaner, he will have no problem in giving you a guarantee of your pretty carpet. Such insurance is beneficial both for the customer as well as for the best carpet cleaner.

Upon making a few enquiries, you may realize that some carpet cleaning companies do not give you an estimate beforehand. They tend to make excuses like “We don’t know how much effort it will take.” Avoid such people. This is because signing a contract with such firms may land you in a scam. When your carpet is ready, they will present an enormous bill and at that point of time you have no other option than to pay the huge amount. What they do might be ethically wrong but not legally incorrect. You cannot do anything. As such, always insist on getting the estimates before signing any carpet shampoo contracts, or handing over your carpets to your best carpet cleaner.

Certified Technicians:
Carpet shampoo is not an art. It is a science. This involves several technicalities and chemicals. The people handling your carpet must have appropriate training and certification. When you are taking carpet cleaning solution you can always demand to see the certificates of the technicians at the service provider’s outlet. So, if you love your carpet just like me, verify the certificates just to be extra sure.

Date of Establishment:
“Old is gold” is a well-known proverb. Indeed, an older establishment gives a sense of genuineness. If an carpet cleaning companies has been running since last 10 years, this means the chances of fraudulent activities is lesser as compared to another outlet which is only 2 months young. You will also find that older establishments have greater experience in their carpet cleaning services. For a service such as shampoo carpet, experience certainly matters a lot!

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Client References:
Nothing is more telling of a good carpet cleaning firm than satisfied customers. This is true for both service seekers and service providers. Do not shy away from asking for relevant references. This is useful not only for you but for your cleaner too. If he is genuine, he would definitely be more than willing to show off his successful work and this gives the clients a way to verify the authenticity of the person who would be working on their carpet.

Partial Dyeing:
Sometimes we make a mistake of trying to cleaning carpet ourselves using chemicals. This could be due to our own naivety or desperation to cover up stains or blemishes on our part. There can be dramatic situations in real life too.

You’re expecting some important guests in the next two hours, but unfortunately your little one has just tumbled his glass of hot chocolate on the pink carpet in the living room. Your heart sinks at the horrific sight. There is no time to seek best carpet cleaner. The best thing to do at this point of time is to either remove or replace the carpet. In a moment of desperation, you try to clean up the mess yourself using that latest carpet cleaner product you saw on TV. The stain is gone, as promised in the advertisement. However, to your absolute horror, so is the pink of your carpet! You cannot discard your new carpet. So, when you take this piece to your best carpet cleaner, make sure to ask him if he provides the service of patch dyeing or colour restoration. If done properly, it is very difficult to identify the colour difference. It is similar to darning clothes.

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Cleaning Methodology:
As mentioned earlier, experienced carpet cleaners are more preferable. However, they may have a downside too. Some old carpet cleaning companies do not like to change their work methodology. They continue to use the older cleaning services while several newer and more efficient ways might be available in the market. So, do not forget to check the cleaning method they will use. Check with multiple carpet cleaners. Talk to them about the kind of method they will use. Always make an informed decision.

Price Quotes:
It is not always true that expensive service is the best. Carpet cleaning costs a lot. Hence, talk to several carpet cleaners to get a better understanding of the various pricing methods and services provided. Service satisfaction should be your primary concern. If multiple people promise to give you good service, get their price quotes and choose your best carpet cleaner.