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Maintain clean carpet

Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 8:49 am, by admin

Cleanliness is considered to be the most sacred thing in human’s faith and belief pyramid or even in some religion this is the entry point to meet the super almighty. There can be no substitute of the cleanliness and hygiene and this is very human nature and tendency that we prefer and long for that environment, person and culture where there is a clarity of thoughts, hygiene and maturity.

The carpet cleaning services prices in Singapore are quite competitive, reasonable and proportional to the service provided to the end user. Another aspect worth mentioning that these service providers have universal pricing index for different services hence whichever professional group you opt for the price range would not vary too much.

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Talking about Return on Investment, when you go to purchase a new carpet, it is considered to be one of the most expensive items of your household. Sometimes a good carpet can cost as much as your furniture. But, still people buy the expensive pieces because a pretty carpet gives a completely new feel to your home. A lavish fluffy carpet when sealed from wall to wall converts a simple home to the luxurious mansion. If the carpet is good, you can save on other stuff like wallpaper etc. Another reason people do not hesitate to purchase expensive carpets is that they are quite long lasting. On an average a good carpet, if maintained properly can be your friend for up to 10 years.

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But, the caveat here is “Proper Maintenance”. Everything in this world requires appropriate care. Good maintenance is the only way to extend the life of an item. This is not a new discovery. The same is true for our bodies, our pets and every other thing in this world. If we do not take care of our health, do not eat nutritious food, the life expectancy decreases. Do you ever consider expenditure on healthy food as wastage? No, because it is an investment for your health and in return you get a healthy life. Well, carpets are no different. When you have already invested so much in buying a carpet, spending some more for its proper maintenance is not wastage. It is also an investment. The return you get is increased lifespan. If proper care is taken, the lifespan of a carpet can increase as much as double.

Let us take a simple hypothetical example. You purchase a carpet for $1500. You do not spend anything on its cleaning. Vacuuming once a week is sufficient for you so that it does not look dirty from outside. You expect it to decorate your house for 5 years. You then buy another carpet for $1800 which remains with you for another 5 years. Your investment per year comes to be $330 only.

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Now take another example where you purchase the same carpet for $1500 and take very good care for it. You vacuum it three times a week. Do not rub or scrub the carpet vigourously. You clean the spills immediately using clean and absorbing cloth. You take help of professional carpet cleaners once every 12 months. Self-cleaning does not cost you anything. Professional cleaning costs you $100 a year. The lifespan of your carpet increases two times. And the actual cost incurred is $250 a year only as compared to $330 in the previous case. It’s a very straightforward saving of $700.

  • But, monetary aspect is not the only return you get from regular cleaning. There are a number of other benefits too.
    • Every time you get the carpet cleaned by the professionals, it looks brand new. This gives the feel of new carpet every year. Whereas if it is not cleaned regularly it starts wearing off gradually and after first two years looks very dull and shabby
    • Over the time mild odor starts emanating from your carpet. Noting is visible on the outside. But, the irritating odor keeps building. Any amount of room freshener will not suppress this. Only proper cleaning will deal with the root cause.
    • If the carpet is not cleaned thoroughly, just cleaning the surface pushes the dirt deep down. Though you cannot spot a specific dirty area in this case. But, the overall impression of the carpet is very shabby.
    • Any amount of surface cleaning will not prevent moths and pests to develop on the underside. If the carpet is not removed from its location and the area below it is not cleaned, germs will form. If their number increases a lot, they might even come out of their hiding place and occasionally be visible to your guests.
    • Improved appearance is not the only return you get out of carpet cleaning. Professional help disinfects the carpet and the area around it completely. This reduces the risk of any health hazard. The pests developing in your carpet can be carrier of some fatal disease too. Even if you do not care much about the appearance, your better health can be considered as the single most important return on your investment for regularly cleaning the carpet.