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Singapore carpet cleaning

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 2:52 am, by admin

singapore carpet cleaning

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The carpet cleaning sector is thriving far more in Singapore than in any other country at the moment. The credit goes to the general public for having heightened awareness about keeping good hygiene and maintaining cleanliness, particularly in home and office spaces. This is simply phenomenal as how each and every individual literally competes with each other to best one another in the effort of being clean and organized.

Singapore carpet cleaning sector in Singapore has become one of the most profitable and promising markets in the country where younger generation have picked up on the trend of purchasing luxurious carpets and hiring best carpet cleaner to maintain them.

Even though most Singapore carpet cleaning service providers are able to provide satisfactory carpet cleaning services to the home-owners, but still they are different from each other in more ways than one.

Difference in use of equipment:
Singapore carpet cleaning providers may also differ in their varying use of carpet cleaning solution. There are primarily two major areas where the service providers differ from each other in this category: type of methodology followed, be it manual or automatic solutions, as well as the type of tools available with them.

They have highly sophisticated tools like air movers, sprayers, wands and stair tools whereas their counterparts are still relying on traditional mechanism of carpet shampoo through mechanical methods like scrubbers, steam wash, washing and drying. These methods are no doubt safe but not as effective as cleaning carpet could be at its optimum, and is arguably a waste of time and money.

Service providers with better infrastructure and support system have proper setups where big carpets can be washed with chemicals inside big containers along with other chemicals. However, for small scale dealers, they often face this limitation due to which they cannot go beyond a specific carpet size.

Singapore carpet cleaner have more sophisticated tools and maintenance gears available to use high end chemicals to do the job, whereas small players cannot afford to do so because of the risk involved in handling these chemicals and the lack of proper equipment.

Difference in experience:
Customers tend to trust newcomers less than the experienced singapore carpet cleaning who have already been in the industry for over a decade, no matter if there is a huge difference in the cost involved. Due to the continuous growth in this sector and new entrants joining in the current ratio is that 1 in every 4 carpet carpet cleaning companies is a newcomer which is still trying to establish its foot in the market here.

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Difference in cost:
This is a very crucial and critical factor, especially for the middle and lower middle class families because they consider this as the foremost criteria to decide upon the company or type of service to opt for. This particular classification can also be linked with other factors stated above and it has direct correlation with the “difference in experience”. Newcomers try to offer their carpet cleaning solution as cheap as possible to lure and entice customers and expand their customer base.

Another factor which could be held responsible for the difference in the cost between various carpet cleaning company could be because of the cost of products, chemicals, tools, accessories and labor charges in different regions and cities within Singapore. For example, more urban and richly populated cities and areas will have higher cost for the same quality of service offered as compared to that offered by singapore carpet cleaning residing in relatively less dense and less developed estate.

These are important factors which play pivotal roles in actualizing the real scenario of the office carpet cleaning industry in Singapore, and its behavior in the current market.