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What are Carpet Cleaning Companies Service?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 2:40 am, by admin

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Cleaning carpet has become quite the necessity in current times, and it is no more a luxury with which you can easily do without. After all, with our hectic city lives, where can we possibly find the spare time to carpet shampoo ourselves? The only solution would be to turn to carpet cleaning professionals for expert carpet cleaning services. Indeed, professional carpet cleaning company providers are sprouting up around Singapore, offering state-of-the-art carpet cleaning services.

Now, if you are new to hiring carpet cleaning companies, surely you might be curious as to what is included in a typical carpet cleaning solution! Primarily, the following points are referred as a rule book by best carpet cleaner providers before picking your carpet for cleaning services.

Life of carpet:
Life of carpet is an important parameter for them, in order to allow the carpet cleaner to identify the specific chemicals that can be used to clean the carpets. It is always advisable that older carpets are treated with less concentrated chemicals, and the carpet cleaning company procedure should be mild and easy going. Even if you opt for more intensive treatments, your carpet will still look good and shining, but eventually this would erode at your carpet’s remaining life.

Material used:
This is one of the most critical factors to be considered during a carpet shampoo service session. There are sundry options and methods available to perform carpet cleaning, but not all methods are applicable on all the types. Hence it is imperative to identify the material and fabric type of the carpet before deciding on an appropriate cleaning regime.

Warranty period:
At times the carpet cleaning companies providers do not opt in easily for the carpets which are under warranty because this leads to further complexity for the customers. They are always advised to go to the dealer to get cleaning done instead of looking out for some random professionals, no matter how good they are. In fact, I have personally experienced a scenario in which I wanted to get my carpet cleaning companies through a known professional team but they refused stating the reason that my carpet was still under warranty.

Size & weight:
Another well thought parameter in this regard would be the overall height and width of the carpet to be cleaned. This helps the carpet cleaning companies to decide if they should carry out the process in-house or get it delivered to their laundry section.

While this may seem to be the least important, at times carpet shampoo service providers would take this factor into deep consideration before billing you the final amount. The further the distance, all the costlier the final amount would be.

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On cleaning procedure, there are multiple ways to do that:

Dry wash:
This way of cleaning is considered to be the most sophisticated methods. Under this procedure, the carpet cleaning professionals will run the vacuum cleaner on the carpet to remove the dust and dirt from the topmost layer of the carpet. Professionals carpet cleaning companies will typically run three consecutive cycles to ascertain that dirt has been completely removed from the carpet.

In each cycle, the dirt/dust is weighed to see how much each cycle is helping. Unless the final weigh of the dirt comes under 0.5 oz., the process will be repeated. This type of service includes free home delivery if the size of the carpet is lesser than 100 by 120 square feet. Also the overall weight should be less than 200 pounds.

Wet wash:
This way of carpet cleaning includes steam washing in which the machine outflows only the water initially. This is followed with vacuum which extracts the dust in liquid form. Three cycles are conducted after which another steam wash is given. This includes a mixture of pesticide & alcoholic based solution to protect the carpet from pests and deadly insects.

Chemical treatment: This treatment is one of the more intensive approaches. This method of carpet cleaning is highly recommended for carpets which are made with woolen and cotton base. They are dry cleaned using petrol or similar chemical products to rinse off all the impurities, and are then sprayed over with a mixture of adhesive and lubricants with low pH level.

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Organic wash:
Organic wash is considered one of the safest and reliable cleaning option after dry wash. Under this treatment, the chemical solutions are produced from natural extracts like flowers, trees, leaves etc. This is the safest and most trustworthy approach adopted by most people. However, this treatment is certainly more expensive than the other available options in the market. While it may be a more costly carpet cleaning treatment, this method of cleaning ensures durability, longer life and longer protection from pests compared to other methods.

Aside from such various carpet cleaning methods available in the market, each carpet cleaning companies also includes other benefits and perks such as home delivery, home pick up, cleaning at home, and If your carpet cleaning company is generous, they may even offer the next carpet cleaning service to you free of cost! Furthermore, most carpet cleaning companies in Singapore have started giving complementary liquid solution for customers to do the preliminary carpet cleaning at home as a gesture of goodwill.