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When Carpet needs Carpet Cleaning?

Thursday, September 17, 2015 at 7:50 am, by admin

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Given Singapore’s fast pace of life, household chores can certainly prove to be a tricky task to accomplish – after all, we simply do not have the time of the day to give our homes a good scrub from ceiling to floor every other day! It can truly be perplexing as to how often you ought to get down to cleaning carpets, or how much time and effort you ought to dedicate to carpet cleaning, as it can prove particularly confounding to many home owners as to whether their carpets are truly inched with dirt, or merely discoloured.

Well, fear not! This article shall serve as a guide to show you the 4 signs that your carpet is indeed, undeniably dirty, and is in dire need of a good session of carpet cleaning!

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Mould patches
One of the most obvious signs that your carpet is in need of carpet cleaning would be the appearance or growth of patches of mould on your carpet. After all, when we tread on our carpets with our bare feet, the moisture and sweat from our skin can be soaked into the carpet fabric. Together with the dust and spores that we might have carried with us, carpets are just about the perfect breeding spots for fungi and mould.

As such, mould can proliferate very quickly on our carpets, and lead to rapid discolouration. Therefore, it is certainly of utmost importance that we send our carpets for a good carpet cleaning once such mouldy patches are discovered, in order to prevent the condition of your carpets from deteriorating. After all, you certainly wouldn’t want to see that expensive thousand-dollar rug falling into an unsightly mouldy mess, all due to negligence and a lack of cleaning!

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Foul odours and smells
If you have begun to realise that an unpleasant smell has been lingering in your home, and you have managed to pinpoint the source of this terrible odour to your carpets, this is certainly yet another sign that your beloved carpets deserve another round of carpet cleaning. Bad odours or smells can arise in dirty carpets, mainly due to the growth of mildew or even mould – both of which give off an unpleasant smell of thick musk and unwashed linen, and is surely not a new perfume that you’d like to have as a mainstay in your home.

Another reason for rank smells in your carpet could be due to any pets that you have in your abode. Perhaps while you were at work, that playful new dog that you’ve just adopted decided to mark your carpets as its territory courtesy of some urination? While the moisture from such pet urine may dry up within a few hours, the foul smell that it brings will certainly linger! If you think your carpets smell bad, hesitate no longer, and send them for carpet shampoo right away!

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Rough, grainy texture
Fur or wool carpets are usually rather thick in nature, and this heavily textured material often makes it exceedingly difficult for home owners to flush out or vacuum away all the dirt that has been trapped inside the coarse confines of your carpet.

If your carpets feel rough, grainy or even sandy to the feet, perhaps this is a sign that way too much fine particles and sand has been collecting on your carpets, and a good carpet cleaning is needed to get rid of such residue from them. This is of particular importance to families or households who have infants or toddlers who seem to make crawling around the house their favourite sport, as crawling on such dirty carpets laden with sand and other hard particulates can make it easy for your children to scrape their knees or feet, causing abrasions or even bleeding!

Protect your family from any potential harm today, ask for carpet cleaning companies to get down to carpet cleaning immediately if you feel that your carpets aren’t quite feeling as soft as they ought to be, or if you suspect that your carpets have accumulated far too much sand and other grainy particles from that latest trip to the beach.

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Family members falling sick
Have the members in your household been falling sick due to the flu bug, one after another? This is an obvious sign that your home may not be as clean as you may have previously thought, as the dust and germs that collect on the surfaces of your furniture are usually the prime suspects for a bad case of illness spreading in a household. In fact, one of the hotspots for such germs to gather and proliferate is usually the carpet!

Spare a thought for the well-being of your family, and create a more secure and healthy home today! Start by first sending your carpets to a professional carpet cleaner for carpet cleaning service to get them sterilised and cleaning carpet from head to toe, in order to get rid of any latent bacteria or germs that may have been residing in the textured fabric, ready to claim their next unwitting victim.